Treegle Dictionary


An online dictionary for learning the meaning of a word along with the meaning of the words within its definition.

Tags: Dictionary Lookup Recursive Word Dependency  

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Replacement Game

URL: replacement/

A web-based game on string manipulation where you apply a sequence of replacement rules to get from the initial string to the final string.

Tags: String Replacement Grammar Game  

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URL: treebuilder/tree.html?s=15

A collaborative writing tool that allows you to choose your own plot line. This story is about a shape-shifting warrior princess named Layluo who tries to save the kingdom of Varth from the great dragon.

Tags: Story Writing Adventure Fantasy  

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URL: taxonomytree/

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. A tool for navigating taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes.

Tags: Taxonomy Kingdom Phylum Animals Plants  

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An extension for the Google Chrome web browser. HistoryTree takes your history and puts it together like a puzzle to help you determine how you got from one place to another.

Tags: History Browser Extension Chrome API MLH Local Hackday  

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Tree Prover

URL: treeprover/

A web app for building propositional proofs. This app will allow the user to simply click and choose which past theorems to combine. Then, it will automatically make the optimal substitution using a unification algorithm.

Tags: Logic Proof Proposition Inference Unification  

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URL: sudokutree/

SudokuTree allows you to create checkpoints while you play sudoku and revert back to previous positions in the game.

Tags: Sudoku Gameplay Checkpoints History  

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URL: chessbrancher/

A web app for playing chess. The user has the ability to make multiple moves and build a tree of possible chess games. The app uses chessjs and chessboardjs.

Tags: Chess Board-Game History Strategy  

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URL: numbertree/

A series of mathematical games where you have to apply a sequence of mathematical operations to get from the initial value to the final value.

Tags: Numbers Vectors Matrices Game  

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Treegle Search

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An interactive search web app that allows you to organize your search history into a tree. The web app uses the Bing Search Engine for lookups.

Note: This web app is no longer operational.

Tags: Search-Engine Bing Azure Lists Links  

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Sharing Religion

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A curated tree of stories and personal experiences related to religion, belief, and the things that people really care about.

Note: This web app is no longer operational.

Tags: Religion Stories Beliefs Experiences Culture  

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URL: treebuilder/tree.html?s=1

A horoscope styled questionaire to determine which of these extinct animals you can relate with. The questionaire allows you to make multiple choices and view many different possible outcomes.

Tags: Questionaire Quiz Animals  

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An alternative interface for Wikipedia that dynamically records and displays your search history.

Note: This web app is no longer operational.

Tags: Wikipedia Search History UB-Hacking  

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A tree for traversing Pitt's course catalog by semester. This little app was made possible using a public endpoint setup by the Pitt Computer Science club. Their encouragement and kindness helped make this little project possible.

Note: This web app is no longer operational.

Tags: Course Catalog University Semester  

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A web app to help a customer determine what to order from a restaurant. The customer chooses from a sequence of dining options that ultimately leads to a refined list of food items.

Note: This web app is no longer operational.

Tags: Menu Dining Food  

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