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My professional interests lie in software, entrepreneurship, research, and teaching. Most of all, I care about people and community. My experiences teaching have shown me how important community is in listening, learning, and making an impact.

I recently started a teaching position at Temple University. I'm always happy to make new connections and explore possible collaborations. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Email address: michael dot wehar at temple dot edu

Personal Projects

  Word of The Hour - Website, Subreddit

A side project to help language learners expand their vocabulary.

  MetaTree - Website

A collection of side-projects for organizing and displaying data in trees.

  See More Projects - Educational Games @ PyCon 2018, Computer Generated Painting, Propositional Theorem Enumerator, Self-Referential Programs, Wordlist Generator, Spell Checker, Password Memorization, Time Lapse Painting: Pittsburgh,


Completed Papers:

  Intersection Non-Emptiness and Hardness within Polynomial Time (with M. Oliveira)

Download, DLT 2018: Slides

  On the Complexity of Intersection Non-Emptiness Problems

Abstract, Doctoral Dissertation, Dissertation Slides, Additional Discussion & Typos

See also: Gödel's Lost Letter, Parameterized Complexity Newsletter

  Shortest Paths in One-Counter Systems (with D. Chistikov, W. Czerwinski, P. Hofman, and M. Pilipczuk)

Download (FoSSaCS 2016), Download from Arxiv

  On the Complexity of Intersecting Regular, Context-free, and Tree Languages (with J. Swernofsky)

Download, ICALP 2015: Slides

  Hardness Results for Intersection Non-Emptiness

Download, ICALP 2014: Slides

  Intersection Emptiness for Finite Automata

Honors Thesis, Gödel's Lost Letter

    * Honors Thesis is outdated. The results were significantly refined and improved in the ICALP 2014 publication.

Active Papers:

  On the Fine Grained Complexity of Finite Automata Non-Emptiness of Intersection (with M. Oliveira)

  Tight Lower Bounds for Classical Problems Relative to a Random Oracle (with A. Hughes)

Paused Papers:

  Intersection Non-Emptiness for Tree Shaped Finite Automata

Download Draft (Feb. 2016), related talks at UB, RIT, Waterloo, IBM, and CTW'15

  Fixed Parameter Inductive Inference

Research with Manuel Blum (Summer 2013), Download Draft, Additional Discussion

  Gödel's Theorem Fails for Pi_1 Axiomatizations

Nested Proof Predicates, Download Draft


Mentorship is one of my greatest passions. I enjoy helping students to build software solutions to real problems. My expertise lies in developing the concept for a minimal viable product, tracking the software lifecycle, launching beta testing for user feedback, and mediation to help resolve interpersonal conflicts.

Are you interested in having me as your mentor for a project? Anyone is welcome. Please sign-up by sending me an email and see past projects that I've been a mentor for while at University at Buffalo.

  Achievelife - Dan, Fan, James, Jesse, Jonathan, Miaomiao, Yuzhe

Achievelife is a mobile app meant to gamify your life and lets you level up by completing real life achievements.

  Biubiubiu - Jia Qi, Leon, Runda, Xiaofei

A typing game written in Java.

  Course Evaluation - Aaron, Linn, Min, Seti, Timothy

A collaboration with the Center for Educational Innovation to give University at Buffalo students access to course evaluation data for select courses.

  Memory1 - Andrew, Ben, Jake, Julius, Kang, Ryan

A website for training human memorization of key-value pair maps from letters to numbers.

  Memory2 - Alex, Joel, Rony

A rock-paper-scissors meets pokemon styled memorization game made in Unity.

  Memory3 (Download from Google Play Store) - Amy, Moe, Nick, Youngki

An android app for training human memorization of key-value pair maps from letters to numbers.

  PKB - Alex, Jacob, Piyush

Building a web app that uses your voice to develop webpages.

  Team PageMe - Adi, Ali, Jason, Mitchell, Sai, Shokoor

Bringing back the pager as an android app.

  Visual Construction - Amrit, Apar, Bin, Bryon, Der Shen, Jing, Jon, Kai, Robert, Sadek, Vince

The Visual Construction Project develops AR technologies to aid in the proper construction of designs. This project started from communication with LP Ciminelli, a Buffalo based company.